Rates for clear audio – $AUD per audio minute
(calendar days)
Single speaker2-4 speakers5-6 speakers
48 Hours$2.40$2.60$2.80
72 Hours$2.30$2.50$2.70
7 Days$2.10$2.30$2.50
Standard 1-day court hearing – $3.00
Surcharges – $AUD per audio minute
Multispeaker identification – 5 to 6 speakers
(Speaker identification included for 1-4 speakers)
7+ speakers (no speaker identification)$0.20
Speakers with heavy accents$0.20
Poor audio quality – including background noise, people speaking over one another, poorly recorded, muffled voices$0.30
Verbatim (1 to 4 participants only unless otherwise agreed)$0.50
*For overnight jobs please contact Natalie on info@ahtranscription.com or 0402 740 835 to ensure availability. 

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