After Hours regularly transcribes recordings of meetings, one-to-one interviews, telephone interviews, lectures and focus groups.  

After Hours offers two styles of general audio transcription: clean verbatim and full verbatim.

Clean verbatim transcripts remove “ums”, “ahs”, “likes”, “you knows” and other filler words in addition to stuttering.  Silence and laughter are put in brackets.  

Full verbatim transcripts capture speech exactly as it sounds. This will include “ums”, “ahs”, “you knows”, repetitions etc.  Words are typed as said i.e. gonna, wanna.  Silence and laughter are put in brackets.

After Hours is happy to discuss any custom formatting you may require, including speaker identification and timestamps.

Contact Natalie on or 0402 740 835 and let us know how we can help you.  

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