Ulna or Ulnar?

At After Hours we pay attention and understand the difference.

With a sound knowledge of medical terminology and anatomy, After Hours is skilled and experienced in transcribing various medical/medico-legal reports.

After Hours has transcribed hundreds of medico-legal reports which generally comprise of independent medical examinations, permanent impairment assessments and other medico-legal assessments. 

After Hours is also experienced in transcribing neurology reports which include neurology consultations, motor neuron studies, nerve conductions studies, EMG tests and so on. 

After Hours understands the complexities of these reports and the importance of getting them right.  Where possible we always double check (online) names and addresses to ensure that the information contained in the reports are up to date and correct and that the reports will end up where they need to.  And if there is anything we’re not sure about, we’ll ask you.

Contact Natalie on or 0402 740 835 and let us know how we can help you.  

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